Hit by the Google Search Engine Kiss of Death

My web site has been hit with the Google Search engine kiss of death. Google doesn't even show the root of my web site, its home page, in its search engine results for the search query "marilyn perry". The result it does show appears about forty or fifty results down in its list. That one result which Google displays is from the Drupal system's own internal indexing engine called the taxonomy. In Google's standard ten (10) result per page layout, my web site doesn't appear at all until it shows an obscure internal reference to the site at the forty-nineth (49th) result. The image at the left is a screenshot of the Google search results with that obscure internal like to my site as the 49th result.

I have read about this mysterious kiss of death in the mercurial and ever changing Google search algorithm. These quirks in Google's algorithm have spawned entire web pages, even entire professional businesses that provides services to business trying to save their web site from Google kiss of death, which causes a web site to nearly disappear from existence within Google search results.

The fact is, I don't believe I did anything too special that I know of that would cause this problem to occur. Since my web site is built with the Drupal CMS, it has all sorts of internal tools that are supposed to improve a web site's Search Engine Optmization (SEO), not penalize it. Curiously, other search engines such as yahoo.com, bing.com (see result image at the link) and so on, haven't buried my web site. The other search engine display my web site in position three or four, along with the other notable "Marilyn Perry" women who have a web site presence on the internet.

Google's search engine algorithm is quite annoying and definitely perplexing.

Marilyn Perry