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What is the cause of Google's Search Engine Kiss of Death?

When a web site like this, with the domain that is by and about Marilyn Perry, is listed in the forty-fifth (45th) position in Google's search engine results in response to a search query on "marilyn perry", there is something seriously wrong with Google's esoteric search engine algorithm! None of the other search engines, like bing or yahoo, penalize this web site,, in such an absurd manner. It seems difficult to try to blame something in the way the Drupal CMS software configures web pages, especially when the other search engines don't make the ridiculous miscalculation that the Google algorithm does. The software scientists at Google are doing something seriously wrong, even violating their own "don't be evil" motto, over thinking and gaming search results way too much, when their algorithm can't detect that a web site with the domain, written by and about Marilyn Perry, doesn't deserve to be listed near the top of its search results for the query "marilyn perry".

Since publishing this post, and after engaging in some search engine optimization tactics with the contents of this web site, this web site's Google search engine position has improved dramatically. It is amazing that Google's search engine algorithm relies on content manipulation tactics that often don't have anything to do with the organic relevance and nature of a web site. Instead, Google's searching engine relies on a variety of extremely rarified preconceptions about the nature of web site contents that isn't necessarily applicable to all web sites. Google's search engine doesn't appear capable of differentiating between varying types of web sites, as in personal versus business, and the implications that may have on a given web site's contents and search query contents.