Perspectives on Political Platforms

Defining a personal political philosophy, grounded upon principle

America’s political landscape has become a fractured schism of oppositional beliefs that mostly divide the U.S. political landscape. Of course the two most well known American political fiefdoms are the all powerful Democratic and Republican parties. However, for quite some time it has seemed like the time has come to reject both their entrenched strangleholds on American political power. For quite some time it has become clear that the deeply established Democrat versus Republican paradigm clings irrationally on both sides both to: dysfunctional political views, and to tightly maintained political power structures; neither fiefdom is willing to place at political risk. It seems essential now for individuals to reject both their corrupted and illogical frameworks. In fact it seems like it is time to reject the established second tier political establishments as well. Although America’s political power structure seems entrenched beyond redemption, now more than ever, it is time for individuals to at least take a stand apart from the oligarchical cronyism that largely defines American politics.

Impolite Conversation

On the matter of certain topics some people consider taboo ...

What are the origins in social etiquette, of the notion that it is impolite to discuss politics, religion, and a host of other topics that often seem central to daily living in modern society, especially modern American society? It is often apparent in many social settings that people believe they shouldn’t discuss any of their personal opinions or beliefs publicly. One social arena where this phenomenon is strikingly apparent is among people who hold positions of corporate power, in companies both large and small. For quite some time, I’ve maintained a similar posture with regard to the content on this, my own, personal, public, web site, out of concern that one never knows when a potential employer might take offense at a given political view or philosophical belief, regardless of the nature of that belief. Like most people though, I believe steadfastly in my political and philosophical views, on social issues, on economic issues, on constitutional issues, and on the entire range of controversial subjects that impact everyone’s lives, our country, and our planet. Whether on public display, or cloistered privately, I know my perspectives remain what they are, informed by a lifetime of experiences, born of wisdom derived from both knowledge and epiphany.

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