It is difficult to imagine trying to build and maintain a web site without a decent FTP client. Amazingly, the current standard in FTP client software is the free and open source Filezilla.


Filezilla began its existence in 2001 as a semester final project by Tim Kosse and two other fellow students during their senior year as software engineering students in Germany. Since then, Kosse has been maintaining, developing, and enhancing, FileZilla, and distributing it under the GPL open source software license. FileZilla is downright ubiquitous within its specific sphere of functionality.

Visual Color Picker

Quite often during the process of a project, many sorts of projects on a computer, not just software development projects, that familiar mental light bulb goes off. In this case, the question was: might someone have written a really good color selection utility. With a single web search a few years ago, the result of that search was discovering a little utility called:

Visual Color Picker 2.6

This completely freeware utility exceeds every expectation of what such a utility should do and be. For anyone doing something such as designing and building a web site, this utility provides all the features a web site designer might need, right down to the hex value needed to enter into the appropriate location within the necessary CSS file.

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