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Marilyn's Well Considered Contemplations

The articles below are just a few collected, and chronically arranged, contemplations on a variety of topics, published here with occasional irregularity. This collection of contemplations is just getting started for now, but may hopefully become a more active personal trend, as might the appearance here of additional brief missives as well, by me, I'm Marilyn Perry after all, from time to time, in fact all the time.

Life is sometimes however filled with "interesting times", times sometimes worthy of contemplation, that have the ability to generate all manner of distractions and diversions from one's primary aspirations, goals and even life purposes. Sometimes such distractions and diversions intrude to the extent that just trying to maintain course becomes an aspiration in and of itself. However, since beginning active content production for this website a while back, content production provides a sense of fulfillment that seems likely to become infectious.

Marilyn Perry


Marilyn Perry's Conception of Contemplation

To contemplate is to regard something or someone with steady concentration. Contemplation is in-depth consideration with rapt attention. Even the ancient philosopher Plato believed that contemplation is ascendant to the acquisition of knowledge, knowledge through which one might also acquire wisdom as well, worthy of contemplation.

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