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Regarding Marilyn Perry And This Website

Marilyn Perry

Living freely here on our precious planet earth, living each day with assiduous adherence to my own personal standards and principles.

There have been several updates to my website, including a completely new theme and layout update a while ago. This website will soon receive a complete rebuild, implemented with the latest release Drupal 10, website content management system. There is also new content here on my personal website as well as more new content coming in the future.

Website Development Overview

Web Site Development Overview

This web site is developed with the Drupal content management system (CMS). The name Drupal probably sounds somewhat unusual to English speaking ears, but it is simply an anglicized version of the Dutch word for drop, as in a drop of water. Drupal is an open source software tool that is developed by a community of people who are interested in state of the art web site development and management. The Drupal community is a global network of people who are interested in web site development software. Unlike some projects that claim "open source" status, Drupal truly is a community project.