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Marilyn's Political Polemics

The articles below are various collected, chronically arranged, political polemics, that peruse various political talking points, published here with sporadic variability. The intent of this collection of political polemics is the exploration of political perspectives, but with a hopefully decisive degree of intellectual detachment from the emotional mental mentality that seems to have become pervasive recently within the sociopolitical spheres of what seem like downright chaotically uncivilized reactions to the political fits and throws of the 21st century's political meanderings. These perusals of polemical points of view are rarely meant to be disputatious or invective, but are instead meant to inspire consideration, reconsideration, deliberation, and possibly on rare occasion even a little enlightenment, appearing here because I am Marilyn Perry after all, believing that positive living ought in general to be everything other than polemically political.

Marilyn Perry


Marilyn Perry's Premiere Pondering On Political Polemics

These days, apparently, to merely broach the subject of anything political requires one to be a polemicist, at least of some sort and to some extent. The politicization of perception itself has now been polarized it seems, being pulverized as well by political polemics. Polemics then, must surely be the definition of, even mention of, anything even remotely, political, even if it seems like the best, the most beneficial, the most rewarding, aspects of living human life, as a sentient human being, seem like they ought best be devoid of politics and especially political polemics.

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