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Marilyn Perry's Observations about the United States Southern Border

At a time when many Americans are arguing about the United States, as some Americans quibble about whether or not America is "great", or possibly even qualifies for some other adjective, it seems that something obvious has gone missing in the related controversies. The observation that seems missing from the controversy is that apparently people who currently live in other parts of the world still consider the United States to be a wonderful place, a fantastic place, a "great" place. Part of what can currently be observed at the southern U.S. border is that thousands of people from other countries have been willing to walk, yes to walk, thousands of miles, with the mere, and possibly vain, hope, of trying to get into the United States of America, to live in the United States.

The people at the border don't seem to be concerned about possibly disliking the current U.S. President. The people clamoring at the southern U.S. border, trying to get into the United States, don't seem to mind that they might be tear gassed by border police as they try desperately to scale the border fences and "walls" that already exist along the border between the United States and Mexico. While the fake news mass media seems concerned with all sorts of other details, it appears to be fact that the United States is a place that people from all over other parts of our planet earth find attractive enough to give up their existing lives entirely, to discard their lives elsewhere completely to try to come to the fabled country known as the United States of America, to try to start over and to try to create a new, hopefully, American, life, in these United State of America. Why has this clearly essentially important observation about how the rest of the world perceives the United States of America, a place once fabled to have "streets paved with gold", gone missing from the current controversies and debates about America's southern border?

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