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nerd age

This is the nerd age of humankind

The phrase, this is the nerd age of humankind, is actually a play upon words of a similar phrase spoken during the voice-over narration within the opening credits of each episode, of some of the seasons, of the science fiction television series Babylon Five some years ago. The episodes in which actor Bruce Boxleitner was the star and performed the voiceover were the most convincing in my opinion. Among what some people believe may be Babylon Five's various faults, the series' writers really should have known to use the term humankind instead of mankindto describe that fictional future era. Today though, whether some people realize it or not, humankind really is, still, at the dawn of an epic era of technological revolution, which despite being a few decades old, is only just beginning, and whose technological advancements seem likely to continue for quite some time to come.

Welcome to the nerd age of humankind.

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