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Marilyn Perry's Nutritional Regimen

Please note that the article below is completely deprecated and outdated. The nutritional regimen described in this article is currently irrelevant. The nutritional regimen described below has been replaced by a regimen that, in summary, amounts to: vitamins, fats/oils (such as olive oil, pecans, butter), and proteins, including but not limited to meats, fish, seafood, and poultry.

My approach to food consumption is based upon nutritional criteria I’ve developed and established over an extended time period. I’ve developed my approach to nutrition based on researching various dietary concepts and health recommendations from highly credible and reputable sources, and from personal experiences over the course of decades.

My nutritional regimen includes multiple foundational principles. One principle I adhere to is that only fresh foods should be eaten. The concept of food freshness, and the other principles described here, are each explained and further clarified in separate sections below. Another of my nutritional principles is to eat foods in a state as close as is reasonably possible to their living state, using only the least amount of processing and/or cooking reasonably necessary prior to their consumption. 

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