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Marilyn Perry About Having Seen A Rainbow

Marilyn Perry About Having Seen A Rainbow

I saw a rainbow this afternoon.
It was a huge rainbow.
The rainbow I saw was bright and wide, and very nearby.

On one side of the afternoon sky, a dark and swiftly moving cloud was approaching from the east. At the same time, the afternoon sun shown brightly across the sky, out of the west, from beneath the clouds. The sunbeams radiated across the sky from the west, at an angle that brightly lit the dark cloud above and the sky below it. Although the afternoon was sunny where I stood, the large rain droplets falling from the approaching cloud were clearly visible. There may have even been bits of sleet among the early winter day's raindrops.

As the sunlight created a prism against the falling rain in the not too far away distance, the sun’s rays produced a large, intense, rainbow with a wide rainbow stripe. The rainbow had perfect colors and perfectly even stripes. The outer edges of the rainbow were a glowing purple, as though the rainbow was on fire with a purple gas flame halo. A little later a brief winter shower arrived, as heavy raindrops fell at an angle against a breeze, accompanied by a mixture of melting sleet. The rain, the sleet, the breeze, and the sharply brisk seaside air, were just as bracing and invigorating as the sun and rain in the distance that created the rainbow to the afternoon sky just a little while before them.

Although the science of rainbows is quite simple, and easily replicated; seeing a huge rainbow in the sky is an experience that seems almost like a form of magic when observed. Happiness sustaining wonders like this rainbow await, within the moments of every day of every human life, available for free to anyone who takes the time to notice them.

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