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Marilyn Perry's Acknowledgment of Time, After Significant Time

After quite a period of time, it is surely notable that this website and its contents, here at, has now been updated, with an entirely new theme, new styling, and hopefully, a fashionably refreshed appearance. This personal website update and refresh has actually been in the works for a significant period of time. However, for whatever reason, whether explicable or inexplicable surely, even from a personal perspective, the development copy of my Marilyn Perry personal website rebuild sat waiting, waiting for review, waiting to be checked to see that its features were working, waiting to be waited upon. Then, without any reasonably explicable basis, a day arrived, the day arrived, when it seemed like the day, that day just days ago, to run the automated script to publish the development version of my Marilyn Perry website to its public domain here at, so that the global internet, colleagues, newcomers, friends, enemies, and strangers, all alike, might access and consume this website's contents anew.

Only yet more time, possibly even significant time, might determine, what and how much newly created content will appear here. But for the optimistic, including myself, such future days may be upcoming in the very near future, or so that would surely be a delightful happenstance indeed. There are of course these present days of worry here on our planet earth, during which it seems as though many people are hoping very much for the best upcoming days, for days that provide the best for everyone, the best for our entire planet, and the best for everyone and every living thing, entity, being, and life, that surely strives to thrive here on our spaceship earth, hurling around our giant fusion reactor in the sky, while orbiting our galaxy's central core, which, along with every other galaxy are all hurling themselves outward as our 'verse (likely just one 'verse within an infinitum of multiverses), marking the small increments of time, when compared with the measures of the lengths of time that comprise the largest of such measures, and the most significant milestones on that scale of existence, especially when compared with an event such as this website having been updated, however enjoyable and satiating that passage might be.

Thank you for visiting this website, my Marilyn Perry personal website, and enjoying the information and content shared here at Marilyn Perry

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